Lion's Mane Reishi Cordyceps Chaga


Lion’s Mane 400mg
Cordyceps 400mg
Reishi 400mg
Chaga 400mg

Capsules: 90
Serving: 4 capsules

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Great quality of the product and the…

Great quality of the product and the ingredients is just what I looked for, no BS and you can feel it straight away 💯

And then amazing customer service and a fast delivery was just a cherry on the cake.
Definitely will be back 👊

I'm very satisfied with the product and…

I'm very satisfied with the product and service I've received from Ultra Nutrio, will definitely order again!

Always the best products and service

Always the best products and service! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

The Benefits

Are you struggling with maintaining focus or seeking to elevate your cognitive abilities? Perhaps you're aiming to enhance your learning capabilities? Shroomio is crafted precisely for individuals like you. Explore the myriad benefits you can derive from this potent mushroom blend.

Enhances Focus, Memory, and Cognitive Function

Lion’s Mane is a powerful nootropic that supports brain health, significantly improves focus, memory retention, and cognitive functions. It stimulates the synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which promotes neural growth and brain plasticity.

Boosts Immune System and Reduces Stress

Reishi, revered as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” helps bolster the immune system, combat stress, and improve sleep quality. Its adaptogenic properties assist in balancing the body’s stress responses, enhancing overall well-being.

Increases Energy and Physical Performance

Cordyceps offers a natural boost in energy and stamina, improving oxygen utilization and enhancing physical performance. Ideal for athletes and active individuals, it supports increased endurance and vitality without the crash associated with stimulants.

Supports Inflammation Reduction and Antioxidant Protection

Chaga is rich in antioxidants and helps fight inflammation, supporting the body’s defense against oxidative stress and promoting overall health. Its immune-enhancing properties further protect against pathogens and support cellular health.

Improves Mental Well-being and Neuroprotection

The combined effect of these mushrooms not only supports cognitive function and physical health but also plays a significant role in neuroprotection and mental well-being. By nurturing brain health, Shroomio assists in maintaining a balanced mood and mental clarity.

Elevates Overall Quality of Life

With benefits extending beyond cognitive enhancement to include immune support, stress reduction, and increased energy, Shroomio is your partner in achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle. It’s the fuel your brain and body need to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

What Is Inside?

At Shroomio, we meticulously select our ingredients to support your cognitive and physical health goals. Our supplements are crafted from natural ingredients, bringing the essence of nature back to you. Discover the power and purity contained within:

Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

Lion's Mane is a unique mushroom known for its neuroprotective properties and support of cognitive function. Originating from the forests of North America, Asia, and Europe, this mushroom has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

Enhances memory and cognitive function

Supports nerve growth and brain health

Improves concentration and mental clarity

May help alleviate mild symptoms of anxiety and depression

Offers anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help reduce symptoms related to inflammation

Accelerates the healing process of wounds by stimulating cell growth

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)

Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality,” Reishi grows in various hot and humid locations in Asia. This mushroom is celebrated for its immune-boosting and stress-reducing effects.

Supports immune system health

Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Improves sleep quality and combats fatigue

Enhances overall well-being and longevity

Contributes to cardiovascular health by managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Supports liver function and detoxification

Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis)

Cordyceps mushrooms thrive in the high mountain regions of China and are revered for their ability to increase energy and vitality. Traditionally, they have been used to improve physical performance and support respiratory health.

Boosts energy and stamina

Enhances physical performance and endurance

Supports lung health and oxygen uptake

May have anti-aging properties

Traditionally used to support kidney health and function

Shows potential in managing blood sugar levels and supporting diabetes treatment

Acts as a natural aphrodisiac, improving libido and sexual health

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Chaga mushrooms grow primarily on birch trees in cold climates across the Northern Hemisphere. They are packed with antioxidants and are known for their immune-supporting capabilities.

Contains compounds that may prevent the progression of certain cancers

Supports immune system function

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients

Aids in digestive health and reduces inflammation

Promotes a healthy gut by reducing inflammation and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria

Shows potential in reducing blood sugar levels, beneficial for managing diabetes

Can reduce LDL cholesterol, promoting heart health

Heart Friendly Product

Heart health is crucial to your life. That’s why we’ve made our supplements with complete care for you and with a positive impact on your heart.

Only Natural Ingredients

Our supplements are made from natural ingredients. Your body and health need high-quality nutrition to be better, to be ultra-human.

Free From

We know how uncomfortable it can be to live with allergies, which is why our supplements are made from ingredients free from gluten, soy, eggs, peanuts, and sugar.

Vegan Friendly

Vegans are more likely to be exposed to an unbalanced diet, but not us. Thinking about you, we’ve made our supplements from mostly plant-based ingredients.

Laboratory Tested

In our laboratories, we care about the whole production process from the beginning to the end. We test our products, and with quality checks, we are sure we can deliver high-quality supplements.

High Quality Supplements

Dietary supplements have become increasingly important in recent years for our health. We did research for a couple of years to find out what is most important for you to improve your life and make you ultra human.

Need to know

You've probably got some questions. And we've got answers. If you can’t find the information that you're looking for, feel free to drop us a message. Our support team will help you.

Shroomio is a premium nootropic blend designed to enhance cognitive function, support immune health, and increase energy levels using the natural power of mushrooms. It combines Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms, each known for their unique health benefits.

Shroomio is suitable for anyone looking to support their cognitive performance, boost immunity, increase energy, and overall well-being. Whether you’re a student, professional, athlete, or simply seeking to optimize your health, Shroomio can be a valuable addition to your daily regimen.

For best results, follow the recommended dosage on the Shroomio packaging. Typically, it is taken once or twice a day, with or without food. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Shroomio is made from natural ingredients and is generally well-tolerated. However, as with any supplement, some people may experience mild digestive discomfort. If you have allergies to mushrooms or other ingredients, consult with a healthcare professional before use.

While Shroomio is designed to support cognitive function and may offer similar benefits to other nootropics, it’s important to consider your specific health needs and consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your supplement regimen.

Yes, Shroomio is made from natural mushroom extracts and does not contain any animal products or gluten. However, check the label for the most current ingredient list and manufacturing practices to ensure it meets your dietary needs.

The time it takes to notice benefits from Shroomio can vary based on individual factors such as diet, lifestyle, and health status. Some users may feel effects as soon as a few days, while for others, it may take a few weeks to observe noticeable improvements.

While Shroomio is natural, it’s important to discuss any new supplement intake with your healthcare provider, especially if you are currently taking medications or other supplements, to avoid any potential interactions.


Lion’s Mane 400mg
Cordyceps 400mg
Reishi 400mg
Chaga 400mg

Capsules: 90
Serving: 4 capsules

Product Information


We recommend starting with 1 capsule per day. We do not recommend exceeding 4 capsules per day. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Dietary supplements cannot be used as substitute of varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended portion for consumption during a day.


Keep tightly closed, in a dry place at constant and low temperature. Protect from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool dry place.

Safety Advice

As with all supplementation, please consult your physician prior to use. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Do not take this product if pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are taking any medication consult your doctor. This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease or illness. Immediately discontinue use if you experience dizziness, severe headaches, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. For allergens see ingredients. No common allergens have been added however this product is manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, egg, soya, tree nuts, peanuts and crustaceans.

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