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Heart Friendly Product

Heart health is crucial to your life. That's why we've made our supplements with complete care for you and with a positive impact on your heart.

Only Natural Ingredients

Our supplements are made from natural ingredients. Your body and health need high-quality nutrition to be better, to be ultra-human.

Free From

We know how uncomfortable it can be to live with allergies, which is why our supplements are made from ingredients free from gluten, soy, eggs, peanuts, and sugar.

Vegan Friendly

Vegans are more likely to be exposed to an unbalanced diet, but not us. Thinking about you, we've made our supplements from mostly plant-based ingredients.

Laboratory Tested

In our laboratories, we care about the whole production process from the beginning to the end. We test our products, and with quality checks, we are sure we can deliver high-quality supplements.

High Quality Supplements

Dietary supplements have become increasingly important in recent years for our health. We did research for a couple of years to find out what is most important for you to improve your life and make you ultra human.

The Benefits

If you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, strengthen your immune system, boost your mood, energy levels, and focus, or simply want better quality sleep at night, our high-quality product range can help you. Check out more details about the benefits you can get.

Increase testosteron level

Natural extracts like TongKat and Shilajit in our supplement can increase testosterone levels and improve male fertility, also may reduce anti-anxiety symptoms.

Faster muscle recovery

Mr Test contains turkesterone which can accelerate muscle growth and recovery without side effects. Can also improve performance and reduce stress.

Significantly increases libido

Our supplement has horny goat weed (a Chinese herbal medicine), which might help increase blood flow and improve sexual function.

Mr Test

Testosterone Booster and Muscle Recovery

Improves self-confidence and masculinity

Another ingredient like ashwagandha may increase muscle and strength and relieves stress and anxiety, which boosts your self-confidence.

Allows for increased training intensity

More strength, more energy, and more power are what you need for better training, better performance, and better results. With M. Test's supplement, you will achieve even more.

Helping in erectile dysfunction

Your self-confidence in bed is definitely important to you. Stress, anxiety, and a lot of other problems can make you feel down and not always ready for action. Now you can prevent it with Mr Test.

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Support female health and improve energy levels

Your hormones are really important to you. Our supplement contains DIM, which can help with estrogen production and balance levels in your body.

Boost weight loss

Niacin is used by your body to release energy from food. Better metabolism can help reduce weight. Also, it helps keep your nervous system, digestive system, and skin healthy.

Anti-aging therapy

Feminine Energy contains DHEA and Rhodiola rosea, which is known as an anti-ageing therapy and can improve physical performance. It is also used for symptoms of menopause and to treat depression.

Feminine Energy

Power of beautiful, graceful, and feminine

Increase your mood

Our supplement has ingredients that may help improve your mood, fatigue, and well-being. Tongkat Ali may lower stress hormones in your body, like cortisol, and decrease anxiety. Shilajit will reduce fatigue. 

Improve your memory and body’s immunity

Zinc is necessary for the immune system to stimulate particular cells and reduce the risk of infections. Piperine can boost brain function. Vitamins B6 and B12 keep the nervous system and immune system healthy. All of this is in your Feminine Energy supplement.

Natural libido support

Feminine Energy is a natural libido supplement for female sexual wellness. Natural blend ingredients like Togkat Ali and Shilajit improve your overall sex life and make you feel confident in the bedroom.

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Better concentration, motivation, and memory

DMAE is a naturally produced compound in the body that can positively affect mood, enhance memory, and improve brain function. It can also protect neurons and other cells from harmful effects.

Improve thinking skills and learning functions

Limitless was created to improve your learning, thinking skills, cognitive function, and memory. Thanks to ingredients like N-acetyl l-tyrosine, Hupercine, and Alpha-GPC, you can achieve this.

Reduce hyperactivity, increases focus and productivity

Theacrine and caffeine can reduce fatigue and stimulate the central nervous system. It will increase your productivity during the day and help you finish tasks on your list. Be Limitlesss.


Focus, Memory and Productivity Without Limits

Improve brain function and well-being

L-Dopa can increase dopamine levels in the body. Ginko biloba improves attention, and memory and maintains good cognitive function. All these ingredients in our supplement increase mental performance and perceived well-being.

Relieve stress and anxiety

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, helping reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It may also relieve stress and anxiety. Additional health benefits include increased energy levels and improved concentration.

Improve mood, energy and sex drive

Focus memory, productivity without limits, and even more. Our supplement has all ingredients to improve your quality of life and well-being. Limitlesss fuel for your brain.

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Increased fat loss and weight loss

The latest studies show that Yohimbine can decrease body fat. With a proper diet and cardio training, you can achieve better results in a shorter time.

Appetite reduction

Yohinibne can block alpha and beta receptors and may be able to suppress appetite in both lean and obese people. It's a natural supplement that is scientifically proven to help you lose fat faster.

Improve sexual performance

One of the studies showed that Yohimibne can help with erectile dysfunction. 34% of patients taking yohimbine experienced at least a partial improvement in symptoms and 20% of patients reported full and sustained erections.

Hells Burner

Fat Burner Yohimbine HCL 5mg

Increase athletic performance

Burning your fat will release more energy into your body. Your training should be much more effective with better performance. Yohimibne can also increase blood pressure to give you a more powerful "pump".

Booster mood

There is nothing better than achieving your goals much faster. Losing fat, as we know, can be quite time-consuming. To speed up this, you can use Yohimbine. Your new result will improve your mood and well-being.

Reduced fatigue

Combine yohimbine with caffeine to produce superior effects. It will increase your blood pressure and also burn fat, giving you more energy.

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Support better sleep, prevents waking up during the night

Night Night contains the ingredient Gaba which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, known for producing a calming effect. It helps decrease brain activity and increase the quality of your sleep.

Relaxation: relieves stress and anxiety

Studies show that L-theanine helps ease anxiety and stress and reduce insomnia. It may also improve the function of the body’s immune system.

Increase feelings of fullness, reduce appetite

5htp is an amino acid that is naturally produced in your body. Can increase serotonin production in your body and other hormones that make you feel full. It will help with your weight loss and suppress your appetite.

Night Night

Support in problems with insomnia

Reducing blood pressure, lowers blood sugar and fat

Some research shows that ashwagandha may reduce blood pressure and stimulate your cells to take in glucose from your bloodstream. And also significantly improved sleep quality, reducing anxiety.

Support in problems with insomnia

Melatonin is naturally produced by the human body. Consuming this supplement before sleep will help you enter a state of quiet wakefulness and reduce problems with insomnia.

Increase serotonin levels

Ingredients like 5htp or L-tryptophan can put you into a calm, relaxed, and positive state. Serotonin is a hormone that transmits signals between nerve cells, and it can affect your mood.

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Helps support healthy hair, nails and skin

Collagen is the main component needed to build healthy hair, nails, and skin structures. This protein can not only support your health but also reduce ageing symptoms. Research shows that it can support bones, joints, and the heart.

Reduces skin wrinkles and lines

Wow! Glow! will help with your skin's wrinkles and lines. It contains collagen, which improves skin elasticity and moisture. It also plays a role in replacing dead skin cells.

Anti-aging therapy

With all the ingredients like Biotin, vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, or collagen, Wow! Glow! you can care about your beautiful body. That's a simple way to reduce the symptoms of ageing. Be young again, be yourself!

Wow! Glow!

Skin, Hair & Nails Superhero

Boosts immune system

Ingredients like selenium and vitamin C are not only great antioxidants but also provide full support for your immune system. Another mineral, zinc, can play critical roles in collagen synthesis and immune function, which can speed up wound healing.

Powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential for our health. Together with the immune system, they keep you healthy. With our supplement, which has selenium, N-acetyl cysteine, and vitamin C, you can boost your antioxidant levels.

Strength to your bones, ligaments, tendons and joints

Your bone and cartilage systems need support. Hyaluronic Acid can Relieve joint pain by keeping bones lubricated. Also, it plays a major role in skin health, bone strength, and many other body functions.

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For Her

Glowing skin, shiny hair, and beautiful nails - your feminine energy.

Do you want to glow and shine every day? We’ve created supplements dedicated to women’s beauty. With Wow! Glow! you can care about your healthy skin, hair, nails, and much more. What about decreasing wrinkles and lines on your face? Do you want to look much younger, and feel much better? Choose Wow! Glow! to improve your health.

What does it mean to feel feminine? To be powerful with a smile on your face all the time? You want to feel happy and full of feminine energy. That’s why we’ve made our supplement to improve and support your life. We wisely choose ingredients to give you everything that you need: boost your weight loss, provide anti-ageing therapy, improve your memory, increase your mood, and also support your libido. Feminine Energy to be an Ultra Woman!

Wow! Glow!


Biotin 10,000iu Colagen 200mg Vit C 100mg Zinc 10mg Selenium…

Feminine energy


DHEA 20mg Dim 100mg Shilajt 150mg TongKat ali extract 100mg Vit…

For him

Boost your testosterone, increase muscle recovery, improve your self-confidence, and lose weight. Be an Alpha male.

Every man wants to feel masculine. Are you thinking about building lean muscles, losing fat, and increasing testosterone levels in your body? We’ve made Mr Test which combines the best ingredients like turkesterone, TongKat Ali, Shilajit extract, zinc, and Ashwagandha (ksm-66) to boost your natural testosterone and also provide much faster recovery for your muscles. Be the Ultra Man with Mr Test.

Are you dreaming about your six-pack? We know it is not easy to achieve, but now you can make the process easier and faster. Hells Burner is a cutting-edge fat-burning supplement that contains Yohimbine. It increases fat loss and weight loss but also reduces your appetite. Try now.

Hells Burner


Yohambine hcl 10mg Capsules: 90

Mr Test


TongKat Ali extract 400mg Turkesterone 400mg Fadogia agrestis…

For You

Go up or go down

Sometimes it’s hard to focus and force your mind to learn new skills, read, or even work. We all feel occasional tiredness, low mood, or even stress and anxiety. That’s why Limitlesss is the answer to your brain’s needs for mental support. Increase your focus, memory, mood, and productivity. Be Limitlesss!

Sleep is one of the most important processes for good health and well-being. As we can be overwhelmed sometimes, it is hard to rest properly. You can feel stress, anxiety, or be hyperactive. To help you with your insomnia, we’ve created Night! Night! Our supplement gives you relaxation, stress-freeness, and calming. So, good night!

Night Night


Inositol 150mg L-theanine 200mg Magnesium 200mg Ashwaghandha…



DMAE 150mg L-theanine 150mg Huperzine A 150mcg N-acetyl…

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